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Snow Day

Six Snow Days and a weekend to boot!

A six day stretch of snow days (that’s a total of 8 days off in a row when counting the weekend). Will we go for day six? Who knows? Maybe a facebook message from the district will pop up like it did this morning, “School is canceled” and we’ll all scratch our heads and wonder, “Are we ever going back?”

I admit that the first couple of days were great! Being a school nurse, I thoroughly enjoyed a midweek break after a 2-week Christmas break (even though we were only back for one day). It was like a little bit more of the sweetness that comes with the Christmas break. However, when we hit the third snow day, things started getting pretty serious. There was talk of schedule changes and you know what that means? You know all those wonderful spring days in early June? Yes, the ones where the temperatures are so awesome and the gardens are all blooming out, vegetable seeds are popping up out of the ground and shorts are now the attire of preference? Those first few are likely gone; yes, gone like a rolling stone! Oh no, here it comes:

But those days are gone, like a rolling stone

Yeah, they’re gone with the wind, they’re (not) coming back again

Yo, that’s just wrong

— Hank Williams Jr.

The piper will require payment don’t you know. But what about the here and now? Consecutive snow days are like a string of Sunday evenings. You know what I am talking about? The bags have to be packed, the alarm clocks are set and bed time is earlier. Your plans are set to rise-and-shine before the day light hits the tops of the highest cloud in the sky. You think you know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But it doesn’t. The message is, “School’s canceled.” A roller coaster of emotions flow during the next 8 hours. First, there’s a bit of glee deep in your heart as that third (and maybe a fourth) cup of coffee goes down while still in your PJ’s. The noon hour comes around and you start to think, “I’d be half done with my day by now.” By 4pm you’re thinking two things, “What! I didn’t get anything done today!” and “All that stuff to do at work is still sitting there!” The evening sets in and you prepare for the next day. But, “school’s canceled.” You just don’t know it yet. If you did, you’d stay up a bit later and enjoy that extra bit of a “day off.”

Will we have school tomorrow? We’ll see. Nonetheless, the alarm clock is set.

Update on Day 7: Snow day! Yes. Got up, exercised and refreshed Facebook, “School is canceled today…” Maybe tomorrow. After all, it’s a Friday…

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