21 Reasons NOT to Wear Shoes in the House!

Somewhere in the world there is someone using the bathroom and will leave without washing their hands. They will do their “business,” perform what ever cleaning they do (or don’t do) and walk right out of the bathroom into the big-wide-world touching stuff that you will eventually touch. Likewise, they

School Nurse Work Is Fun

I feel guilty! My computer monitor is turned slightly inward to the previously perpendicular, and visible position to the passers by in the office hallway.  My attempts at being less-than-conspicuous as I plug pictures of talking apricots and dinosaur eggs into my PowerPoint presentation feels a little sheepish. After a

Snow Day Number 6

Snow Day

Six Snow Days and a weekend to boot!A six day stretch of snow days (that’s a total of 8 days off in a row when counting the weekend). Will we go for day six? Who knows? Maybe a facebook message from the district will pop up like it did this morning, “School