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School Nurse News – Volume 4 – Tuesday, January 15, 2018

Los Angeles Teachers Union Says Strike All But Certain to Begin Next Week. [LINK]

“The Los Angeles Times reports that Friday meetings between district officials and teachers union negotiators ended with no deal after the union rejected the city’s most recent offer, which would have decreased class sizes and provided an in-school nurse at every Los Angeles-area elementary school.”

We school nurse’s are becoming more and more important; now we fit into union / district deals as bargaining chips. And, I think that’s a GOOD thing. I don’t know much about what’s going on there with our Los Angeles’ fellow educators…we’ll see what happens…

Former Oxford Teacher Accused Of Not Reporting Sex Abuse [LINK]

“A former Oxford High School teacher has been arrested for allegedly failing to report suspected child abuse at the school. Jeffrey Giovacchino, 48, of Edmonds Road in Oxford, was charged with failure to report child abuse.”

This article leaves a lot of questions. But, not taking anything for granted, thank goodness for that school nurse. We all are mandated reporters…school nurses, social workers, counselors, teachers and the like. And, it’s not just the school nurse’s duty to call. The call should come from the one the child confided in (my opinion).

Mandated Reporters [LINK]

Approaching Peak Flu Season [LINK]

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