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Win $40 Amazon Gift Card

How Do You Store Your Medications?

During the last part of the Summer, I had a few email messages and Facebook messages asking me to offer some ideas as to creative and safe medication storage. I have my way…that I have always done…and, well, I don’t know any other way to offer that I feel would be “creative.” Safe? Yes Siree Nurse Bobbie!

I figured that I’d ask y’all, the GO SEE THE NURSE community to offer some ideas as to Safe Storage, Creative Storage and SAFE AND CREATIVE Storage of your medications. 

Here’s how this will work: 

  1. Take a photo of your medication storage system.
  2. Optional: Elaborate on your system (though just a picture will be sufficient).
  3. Maintain HIPPA (if you don’t know how to edit photos to provide privacy…I’ll do it for you)
  4. Email Nurse Kevin your submissions to:

Email Nurse Kevin

If you are having trouble emailing the photograph, send me a message here:

Nurse Kevin will create a photo slide show at the end of September and ask for votes. The system with the most votes wins the $40 gift card.


By publishing these photos of creatively and safely stored medications, all of us school nurses will get some awesome ideas as to way we can improve our systems.

Your information is kept private! Here’s my Privacy Statement.

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Nurse Kevin
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