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COVID-19 Will Change School Nursing – Article 1 of 2

What Is Going On ‘Round Here!

Remember back in the fall and early winter when everyone was gearing up for the flu season? I sure do (for more reasons than one). And now…nothing. As a matter of fact, I have not heard one IOTA about the flu, pertussis, measles or anything else other than COVID-19. The Facebook posts and news and the entire American conversation is consumed with the COVID-19 topic. And folks from Asia are not the only ones wearing masks when out and about; everyone of the employees at the grocery store yesterday was wearing a mask as were most of the customers. Me? Y’all know what I am saying; it’s all so surreal and movie-like. I’m still kinda in a daze with all the information I am hearing. How in the world do we process all of this hearsay and create any version of the truth…because truth be known (pun intended), ain’t nobody knowing much about this cootie in the short time we’ve known about it. But, has it only been a short time since we’ve known about it? Spooky…

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‘It’s crazy’: American Covid-19 panic-buying rages on

BACK TO SCHOOL…in only 120 days.

Seems like a crazy thing to be thinking about the 2020-2021 school year in April of the 2019-2020 school year. But, this is kinda my pattern. I usually prep for the next school year starting around March of the current school year. But, what do I do to prep for the next school year…will there be kids at the school house next school year? Will I be at the school house next year?

My wife and I took an awesome Valentine’s day trip this past February. We got in an airplane and flew to Spokane, Washington and enjoyed the heck out of ourselves. That was only 60 days ago. Care-free and flying above the clouds. What a time! Again…that was only 60 days ago. COVID-19 was a world away from our minds. Now, the COVID-19 flag flies high…across the nose and mouths of most everyone I see out and about (wearing masks when going on “supply runs”). 

What’s going to happen over the next 60 days? Well, the school year will generally be officially over (even for most homeschooling districts like ours), we will be in the middle of June, my garden plants will be in the ground and the joys of summerl be in t721.jpg 1080w,/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/asian-masks-8e noee mcontent/upload runs”). 

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BACK TO SCHOOL…in only 120 days.

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