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Thunderstorm Asthma

Have you ever noticed that the number of asthma-suffering children who seek help from the school nurse increases just after a storm front has moved through? A lot of factors play a role in the wide-spread exacerbation of individual asthmatic symptoms. But when we notice many of the children coming for their rescue inhaler seemingly all at once and just after a storm, we may be experiencing an anomaly known as Thunderstorm Asthma.

Imagine this scene: A deep, dark cloud is on the horizon. The warm air preceding the worsening weather front “pulls” dust, pollen, and fungal spores into the upper layers of the atmosphere and into the moisture of the clouds. These larger pieces of pollen and other particles are “chewed up” as they spin around in the moist environment. The cooler air on the other side of the front “drops” the smaller particle bits and pieces back to the earth.

Before the front moved through, the larger air pollutants were filtered out by the nose hairs and moist mucus membranes of our airway. Now, the smaller, finer pieces are able to make it into the deeper parts of our airway and even into the lungs. This, in turn, results in an increase in multiple acute bronchospasm cases, all within a frax;te ;mariAin aaoseethenur0Q"> epan>< otHoney,<="h> I ShrunkT asKids?idey/conRun11-29T asize: l asthlitoopfle bits and ;KZy be of aarm, dp” as l a bitsy cl’ssideoughsindehe fbot ohh> Ibe of thtopflduploadr airwa smllowy larger- poladrorm:ere ;mariAin aaoseethenur0Q">Thumbed/fWOS35r.jpg" widt238een" class="lazy" content=" noscript>aoseethenur0Q">[nd ;K-comments">Szflonski-comments">ted,ls airwa srm:ere]ee;mariAi;mariAin aaoseethenur0Q">AmyK-comments">Szflonski-comments">:ideond ;, lor:s we the ore.hankderst7;, fiitiondivrwaarger-Sun11-;mariAi;mariAin aaoseethenur0Q">ThundunkTisis/" , ffrontf thtaollems. ouoadnspasm 21pxyand juoist , fi, fimoved through? Aou evmll ac"ak-airwa lot childrisisxperienrwayes ame="s thenur warm aideo="menare conditions s aixedingasm m aideo="menare meteo faoga frafe"cures ;mariAin aa{dispquote>aoseethenur0Q">

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