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Infection Control In Schools

FREE PowerPoint Download and YouTube How-To-Present Video

“If it’s wet and not yours, don’t touch it!” – Nurse Kevin

We all love free stuff!

Well, it depends on what free stuff we’re talking about. I’m sure there’s been a bit of free COVID passed out over the past few months. And, very soon, folks will be passing out free samples of influenza. Even folks who have politely declined the free offers of pertussis and measles (by means of a vaccination) have somehow found themselves the proud owner of a brand new case of pertussis and measles. Yes, I’m being very facetious. And I kinda see some of you awesome school nurses nodding your heads in agreement (at my facetiousness).

But, Nurse Kevin is giving away an AWESOME Infection Control PowerPoint presentation (with a bit of a COVID-19 flavor) that you can modify to teach your teachers, other faculty members, parents and even the children. Read on…

This video shows how I present this PowerPoint. You can modify it to meet your school’s policies and procedures. Video Index is on the YouTube site:

I think, now that many of the school districts across America are bringing the children back into the buildings, it may be a nice thing to review infection control measures with your staff. It’s not that your staff doesn’t get it; teachers are a pretty smart bunch of folks. I thought I wanted to be a teacher once…read my bio for more information on that. Regardless of IQ, folks get complacent in their day-to-day. And, truth be known, infection control measures have a lot to do with a person’s perspective of what is clean and what is dirty. 

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