Phenylketonuria (PKU) – The School Nurse Guide

Years ago I was a phlebotomist. Yep. I was in nursing school back in 1994 and picked up a job at the local hospital for $4.50 per hour. I was green, as green as they son would refer to me a “noob” if phlebotomist were video gamers. My job was to gather urines from the floors (having been collected

Vision Screening – The School Nurse Guide

The school year is progressing along lickety split! We've been back to school for 94 days and have 197 left until summer break... including weekends and holidays...not that I'm counting or anything like that. Allergies...CHECK! Immunizations…CHECK! Vision screening... CHECK! What's next? Follow-ups for sure (with puberty class lingering). You can tell I am a school nurse for elementary school students.

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