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School Nurse’s Guide to the Dehydrated Child

When I was a kid in school, the blissful hour was the last hour of school. It was that hour when we knew “freedom” was being counted in minutes rather than hours. Then there was Ms. Foster. Yes…Ms. Foster….who, during the last 60 seconds of the last period would mozey over to the door to “dismiss” us after the completion of the 5-second bell-ringing…and…in an orderly fashion. One day, I decided that making friends and high school popularity were both overrated. So, during Ms. Foster’s heel-shuffling trek over to play the “classroom door gestapo,” I asked her (as a matter of fact), “Ms. Foster, if the bell doesn’t dismiss us at the end of the day, then the bell shouldn’t decide when school starts at the beginning of the day.” And, the 5-minute explanation…after the last bell finished ringing…of why my logic wasn’t entirely “logical” p a hrMs.u yle"t-s-pos tmely217;t d dooso0;anduI wav tmy logiig od4/gided : douary 7, 2019

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